Cody Willner

Cody Willner

Principal Broker

100% Club    (503) 495-3489 (503) 349-4952
Cody Willner

Cody Willner

Principal Broker 100% Club    (503) 495-3489 (503) 349-4952

Cody is committed to excellence and to providing professional, result-driven service. His dedication to the highest ethical standards is the foundation from which a solid business relationship is built.

Background of Cody Willner

College education: Oregon State University
Major: Business Admin./Marketing
Minor: Psychology
Graduated: 2008

Hobbies: Driving through the beautiful Willamette Valley, golfing, exercising, cleaning his home and car, doing projects around his house, and working with great people to find them their dream home!

Business Experience: Cody has been an entrepreneur longer than most people. At a very young age he started his own car care business from the parking lot of Powerhouse Gym, his family's business. During his first year in college, he started a home improvement business called Starvin' Students. Most of his clients during this time wished to get the clutter out of their soon-to-be-listed homes. Soon after Starvin' Students, Cody pursued the world of selling real estate and again, providing wonderful services to his clients. Cody also has a successful internet advertisement business, C-Dub Online LLC.

Let Cody know what he can do for you! If you're looking for information on any real estate related matter, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call. Please visit for more information on real estate services.

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